This is about the UFC plant Armando “UFC” Garcia. Caught with $350,000.00 in a unlocked drawer. Ends up as head of security at Zuffa/UFC Casino owned Palace Station Casinos as head of security. Go figure.

Read Gilberts story how the CSAC was allowed to ruin the competition for UFC, so UFC could gain full control of the sport.


Improprieties surrounding the impending resignation of Armando Garcia begin to surface



Was a Sexual Harassment Scandal Behind Armando Garcia’s CSAC Resignation?

Early this year, in another two part series we examined Garcia’s personal ethics in collecting travel claim advances and irresponsible handling of state funds, placing as much as $350,000 without accounting in an unlocked file cabinet. If a party was to make a withdrawal, how would you know? Further, we looked at wasteful policies that permitted his very own group of inspectors, the so-called “Men in Black,” to work one or two bouts and claim a full night’s pay as well as travel expenses when appropriate…




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