You will be shocked at what our State can do to silence the truth. This is my story.

xCaseDetailsV2 csac                                                                                                             When you have a Sheriff in your LA jail cell tell you that something is shady about your arrest and say’s I am releasing you but you have to make it through two other check points before being officially released. Then you go to your Bail Bondsman right after to inquire and she tells you that she has been doing this Job for over 25 years and never has seen anything like it and says who in the Government did you mess with. You know something is up.

This is my story.

Before the warrant was mailed to me these strange incidents happened. When you expose the truth about the Government things do really occur.

The day I was posting info on youtube and my website in my back office. It is located on alley side. All of a sudden someone knocked on the back wall and said Kazja I am going to kill you and burn all your records. I opened my back gate right away and looked up the alley. There was a guy standing up at the corner of my alley with a hooded sweat shirt. I then proceeded around to the front of my house to catch the guy. When I exited the front of my house there was a Police car facing in the direction of the guy that threatened me. The officer suddenly jumped from the car to stop me. I said there is a guy in the alley that threatened to kill me go get him. He said yes there is a crazy guy in alley we will get him. I said well lets go get him. He stopped me and said wait I need to fill out this roust card on this incident.  By that time the guy was gone. He probably had to prove to the person who requested this that they did do there job. May have been paid from the CSAC Boxers Pension/Neurological Fund.


This is the second crazy incident. The first one didn’t stop me. One night I was heading back to work around 10:30 p.m. I had to be at work around 11:00 p.m. I was headed down Harbour Blvd. in San Pedro. All of a sudden around 4 undercover Rampart Division Swat cars pulled me over and said get out of the car. There were no LAPD marked cars with them. I exited the car facing the forward end of my car then they demanded me to get to my knees then the ground. They stormed me handcuffed me then drug me to the sidewalk fence. Lucky for me one of the SWAT officers was my ex student. He asked what I was doing. I said I am going to work why the fuck did you guys pull me over. Another Cop said guns shot fired Black Suburban. At that time all the other officers were searching my car. They could have planted something or shot me at that time if it wasn’t for the fact that one of my top students was there and he respected me. Before he uncuffed me he said be careful. I believe when he asked me what am I doing he meant what am I doing to cause this set up.


So I keep going with my posting of all the CSAC corruption going on. I go to my mailbox and there is a Warrant in the mail.  The reason it was sent in the mail is because the Sheriff’s and the LAPD did not want to serve it so they sent it in the mail. Right then I called them in Sacramento to take care of it here is the proof.

My Case

Filing Information:
Case Number Filing Date Xref Last First Status Charge Doc Court ID 10M00236 03/18/2010 4610316 PATSCHULL GREGORY Active Complaint 34470
Show/Hide Code Description Filing Charges:
Count Charge Severity C001 PC 632(A) MIS C002 PC 632.7(A) MIS

1. My case was filed 3-18-2010
2. The warrant was mailed 3-19-2010
3. I received warrant on Tuesday 3-23-2010 at noon.
4. I checked computer for phone contact at 12:30 p.m.
The number was 916-874-6218
5. At 12:54 I called the number to check on a warrant I knew nothing about. Asked them if I can take care of it here or do I have to go there. They told me I had to go to Sacramento to take care of it. No problem with that I can work in Sacramento on the docks and make more money there than here with a per diem.
6. Between 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. I e-mailed everyone that I am going to press!
7. At 6:00 a.m. 3-24-2010 two from the DCA criminal investigative unit were at my door to arrest me with two LAPD officers. They drove all night from Sacramento to arrest me and take me back for a misdemeanor so I couldn’t contact the press.
8. Strange case number for bond is different from other case which caused me to be held case # SA02851106 now can’t be found same charge now listed on surety bond request for release of prisoner.

When I was awakened by my wife in the morning she said there is someone at the door to see you.  I got dressed and went to the front door. The DCA criminal investigation unit said you know why we are here. I said no why. I then said I called Sacramento yesterday minutes after I received the warrant in the mail and said I will be there to pay the bail. So why are you here is it because I said I was going to the press.  Right then the LAPD officers eyes opened wide and then said we are going to just book you then release you. But they didn’t want to touch me or put me in there LAPD car. So the DCA Criminal Investigation Unit Officers hand cuffed me and put me in the car.  When I got into the DCA car they said they had to drive all night to get me. And said after the LAPD releases you into there custody they are going to drive me to Sacramento. I said no your not. When I arrived at the San Pedro Harbor Division the LAPD didn’t want any part of this illegal arrest. They had to walk these DCA guys through the procedures. One of the DCA guys gets on his phone and tells them they have me. Remember this is a misdameanor for eves dropping. I only had to pay $700.00 for bail. No threat to society. He then tells the person on the phone that they are going to release me. All of a sudden I get another charge attached I can’t be released only to there custody. I then told the LAPD officer and wrote in my arrest report I fear for my life if you release me to these DCA agents. So LAPD said they will keep me here and bus me to Long Beach in a few hours to see a judge. So now I am waiting in my jail cell waiting to go see a judge.  Nothing is happening. I then get to call my wife and tell her to bail me out. She said she can’t they put another charge on you and want to take you to Sacramento and hold you for 6 months.  I said I will be fine I have to go see a judge soon. Well guess what they keep me over night with out seeing a judge. In the morning they wake me and shackle me to another inmate. When we were walking my pants were coming down and I couldn’t pull them up so I asked the guy shackled behind me if he could pull them up.  We go over Vincent Thomas Bridge to Long Beach Court House. The Bus Driver then tells everyone to get up and exit the bus to see the judge. I get up with all of the prisoners and then the bus driver tells me to sit back down your not going to see a judge your going straight to LA county.

So now I am in LA County, it’s a must see experience.  Everything is segregated between white, black, brown, separate phones, sinks, toilets. First night some action one blanket party on  a white guy because he came in the cell talking racial crap to the black head guy. How it goes to prevent a racial riot each group is suppose to take care of there own. They have a meeting investigate the complaint and if that certain individual is found guilty they give him a beating. At 4:00 a.m. The leaders of each group go around and let there people know what to do. I am an OG (Old Guy) so I was near the rear of cell where the beating will take place they told me just stay in your bed. The black guy next to me they woke him and told him to go to the front of the cell so he won’t be involved. They gave him one mean beating then took him to the shower to clean up. The sheriffs know this is going on.

Next day I am talking to some guys and telling them my situation. They said if you don’t see a judge within 3 days they have to kick you loose.  I call my wife again and ask her what is holding up the bail. She said she tried but they put another charge on you and want to hold you for 6 months then take you to Sacramento. I told her there is something shady here it is only a misdemeanor charge. I then said don’t worry they have to release me with in 3 days if I don’t see a judge. It’s on my bucket list.  My third day comes up and they say Patschull grab your blankets and come to the front. I go to the front and they give me my release paper work. I show my friend I met there my paper work and he pointed out on paper work where it says you are released. I exit the cell and a intern says give him my blankets and paper work. He goes in room then comes out and tells me to go stand over there in line with other prisoners that are being transferred to high risk. I then said if I am going to high risk give me my blankets back. Everyone else said the same. The sheriff then says I have one set so you guys have to fight for it. I said keep them I know what your trying to do, get me to fight so then you can hold me longer. Keep your blankets.  Right then his SGT heard all this and told him to give all of us our blankets.

Now they take me to High Risk and give me a bunk right near the front. Two sheriffs are going to come in and check paper work of all the inmates to make sure the right ones are in the proper cell.  Everyone is told to go to there bunks face down and hands stretched over the top of the bunks. If you look up they beat you with clubs. They come to my bunk and say are we in the right cell block who the fuck is this guy meaning me. They leave then come back and check everyone else. High Risk is crazy you do as you please the inmates control everything. They make alcohol right there in the bathroom. All the drugs you need. Guys are doing each other in the back of cell it’s a wild west. I called my wife again and told her they moved me after they released me and put me in High Risk.  Check on the Bail because now it is getting really weird they are trying to lose me in the system for only a misdemeanor. Finally at 1:00 a.m the sheriff over seeing the prisoners says Patschull gather your blankets you made bail. I then go up to the window and give him my blankets. I asked what is going on I was released yesterday now I am bailed out. He goes hold on let me check the computer. He says wow you got a hold on you what did you do. I said they arrested me for eves dropping. I taped them and put everything up on youtube to show all the corruption going on with the California State Athletic Commission. He then said he liked boxing and will release me because something shady is going on. But you have to make it through to other check points. I exit out to the hall no one is around I walk to the first check point wondering if they will not release me and send me back. I make it through I go to final check point there are prisoners from other cells waiting to be released. New one come in and leave before me. I waited 6 hours. They probably were trying to figure out what to do with me and all my shady paper work.

Finally I am released. My wife is there to pick me up and tells me she finally was able to bail me out. She said they didn’t want to release me. I told her I was released a day before. Take me to Sylvia’s bail bondsman now. We get to Sylvia’s Bail Bondsman in San Pedro I tell the lady there a brief story that I was released then they put me in high risk finally I was bailed out. She said give me all your paper work. She then said let me check the computer. Right then she said WOW I have been doing this for over 25 years and never seen anything like this. Who in the Government did you mess with. I said the CSAC/DCA. She then said that I will receive my bail back because I was released.






(to be continued)