This is proof how this was an illegal injunction where Deputy Attorney General Earl Plowman committed fraud in Superior Court.

Look how the corrupt AG changed the Business and Professions Code to try and regulate Jiu Jitsu. Now they lie in AB 1186 saying light contact pankration needs regulated.
The CSAC Deputy Attorney General does a typical double whamie similar to the Pride incident.
First time I get a lady judge and they and try to go after the Kids competing at my event.  I have over 20 flyers of tournaments where kids are competing throughout California and also present a flyer of a police kids only Martial Arts tournament.
The judge tells the DAG this has been going on for years and you all of a sudden require a special license only by Mr. Patschull. DAG your wrong, case dismissed. So I win this one.
Two weeks later served another injunction. This time my attorney says don’t say anything I will handle this one. The guy before me handled his own case which I should have and Judge Jaffe through it out. Next was mine. I didn’t read the documents on this one or I would had caught the fraud. The judge reads the case and says I need a license to do a rear naked choke or judo choke in my submission tournament. He even demonstrates it by folding his arms in position of applying a rear naked choke.  My lawyer says nothing. I step forward and say your honor Judo is an Olympic Sport and they use the rear naked choke the same as my competitors. Judge Jaffe then says I don’t know what Judo is just get your license and injunction will be lifted. Well you don’t need a license for a submission tournament.
I believe my attorney possibly made a deal. the AG probably told my attorney, you give us Kazja and we will give you your next 4-5 cases. Well that same week in the News Paper shows my Attorney winning his case for a private Gentlemans Club. Go figure.
This also happened with my arrest warrant. My Attorney extended it until statue of limitation ran out.  He also would not let me see my case records until then. That is why I just settled for the plea bargain. Time served, no fines, no physical probation just a standard 3 year probation. So imagine how much they got away with in those 3 years.
Look at all the lies and corruption allowed to go on in California.
injunction 1
injunction 3
Here proves illegal injunction being enforced still in 2006 to keep Octagon Originator from conducting business equally. No CSAC license is required in California to hold a Martial Art tournament using submission techniques or striking to the head. Proof here.
Then Long Beach gets a call from CSAC/UFC claiming this is an illegal event so we had to move to my property at 1311 228th st. at last minute to hold the event. The event goes on but when it’s over 10 LAPD cars arrive at event. I am at the front of my property and the officer tells me he was to going to take all my money and arrest me. I said great I will finally see a judge and show all the corruption going on.  Then he said I am going to just give you a ticket. I said great I will see a judge then also. He writes a citation for selling beer which we weren’t it was free.  So the following Day I get a call from the City Attorney to come to his office in San Pedro. I tell him how corrupt the CSAC is and present all my documents I have gathered over the years. He then says tear up the ticket. But if you have alcohol you can go here to get a one day permit. We aren’t going to bother you for doing your Martial Art tournaments.
Finally got this letter after hiring an attorney.