This is the proof MMA was approved in California both Amateur and Pro in 2000 by OAL and all other California government agencies also received all funding. I will  show proof I was approved and made all payments for MMA license.  If MMA wasn’t approved and legal in 2000 why did they take my money. They also said if I give up my fight for Jiu Jitsu so they could regulate it I would be the only one allowed to do MMA for a year. I refused that issue.

Why was Pro held back till 2006 and Amateur MMA till 2010 if both were approved in 2000? Was it because they wanted to get all there people in place first.

Putting it all together. Did CSAC have ties with Zuffa/UFC to squash the Octagon Originator.

Brian Stiger from DCA telling me in 2000 everything is looking good for my Amateur MMA license.

Anita Scurry telling me in 2000 about how Amateur MMA is also being approved.

Dean Lohuis telling me he has forward my money to Rob Lynch for my Amatuer MMA license in 2000. Why would the CSAC take my money for a license if MMA was not approved.

Brian Stiger from DCA saying MMA looks good to go in 2000.

Jessica from CSAC says everything is good to get first MMA license.


Why is there only record of MMA approval in 2000 and not 2006 by OAL. Because MMA was approved in California in 2000.

mma oal001

mma oal002

mma oal003

mma oal004

mma oal005


Here is more proof the Octagon Originator got approved to receive the first official MMA license. Both Amateur and Pro was approved in California in 2000.  If I didn’t write the rules and was not the Originator why was I the first ever to get approved for a license. Also I was the one that suggested the sport be called MMA. Rob Lynch asked me when we were putting the rules together whether we should call the sport NHB or MMA. I told him that it will be better for the sport to call it MMA to get sponsorship in the future. NHB is already tarnished. Use MMA.

Paid for Amateur MMA license and finger prints.

mma license 2000002

Then I was told the finger prints they took are no longer accepted need to get a new set.

mma license 2000003

Went and got a new set in Carson California.

mma license 2000001

Then told by Frank Munoz I was on the agenda to be approved for my license.

mma license 2000004

Lynn Morris Deputy Director Board Relations for the DCA tells me she is happy to hear I am finally obtaining a license.

mma license 2000005

Day for license Dec 7, 2000.

mma license 2000006

Now 2001 I get Octagon and MMA approved in Nevada suddenly it’s banned in California so UFC can get full control of my Octagon creation and MMA.

More proof I obtained a MMA promoters license in 2000. Then banned in 2001 when Zuffa bought UFC.  They want to give my money back. LMAO give me millions might work.