Your life is destined. Here I will tell the story How I met and Married Patty Appolonia Kotero and how my manager got her purple rain and how I met my Octagon investor who shared the same office with my manager. He put up backing for my dream of style vs style inside the Octagon. First event was held February of 1993. Art Davie and the Gracies attended my event. They did their’s November of 1993. Go figure who really created the Octagon idea.

Also how I met my current and beautiful wife Roxanne who got me back into Martial Arts and encouraged me to do what I was meant to do. She stood by me through all this and still is here by my side. I love her so much.


Kazja was born as Greg Patschull. He is known for his work on Future War (1997),Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (1993) and Grupo táctico especial (1993). He was previously married to Apollonia Kotero.

Apollonia Kotero (16 February 1980 – 1985) (divorced)



This movie was called blind love. There were also sex scenes but they weren’t with each other. Purple Rain was the same. I kept to the plan that we were secretly married so they can push the movie Purple Rain. This is from recent People Magazine. No Prince Romance. We were married when she did purple rain.

purple rain001apollonia-kotero

The real truth this was the story about Vanity and Prince. Vanity left Prince for Barry Gordy to do Last Dragon. Appolonia also went on that interview. She asked me what should I do Purple Rain or Last Dragon. I said do Purple Rain. When she went on the Purple Rain interview she was sitting outside the room and when Prince came out to get her he looked at her and said what the F#ck are you doing here. He thought she was Vanity because she looked so much like her.

My beautiful daughter Jade. She will be 30  in October 10-10- 16

She is wearing my Martial Art Madness Shirt here. Notice Octagon. My event was February of 1993. UFC was November of 1993. Go figure who really created the Octagon.

img 274

My beautiful daughter now representing my creation Octagon Nation. Always representing my Octagon creation.

jade octagon nation

My daughter and daughter in law representing Tap Out Taco. My registered TM company catering MMA events world wide.

jade and illiana

jade OFC



Tap Out bumper blue horiz

Your life is destined.


I lived in a house on the channel street hill, the address was 891 Channel st. right below the Park Western Projects. I went to Park Western Elementary School. I could of went to Taper ave or Park Western. But I told my mom I don’t want to go to Taper Ave. Taper was where all the rich kids went. I wanted to go Park Western where the hood rats went.  When I moved out of Park Western area Patty Kotero  A.K.A. Appolonia  A.K.A. Park Western Patty moved into Park Western Projects. I later moved with my mom to 1185 22nd st. apt#2 in San Pedro. Apt #3 was vacant when we moved from there. Patty “Appolonia” Kotero moved into 1185 22nd st. #3 after we moved out of # 2. Missed each other again.

I come back from Korea and open my Martial Arts Studio on 14th and Gaffey in 1979.  One day I was driving on Gaffey going onto the freeway. I noticed this Dabby in a white Porshe with a licensed plate that said RAMS.  She was coming off the FWY and she rooster necked.  A Dabby is a slang we San Pedro guys call a Latin Chick.

So I go home that night and ask my room mate Rick Paiz who is that Dabby that drives a white porshe with a license plate that says Rams. Rick say’s that is Patty Kotero Miss San Pedro. I then tell him she rooster necked me coming off the FWY he said yea right lol.

One night I am teaching privates at my Dojo. Around 10:00 p.m. I am finishing up. I look up and Patty “Appolonia” Kotero is standing in my Dojo doorway in a mini-skirt. I said may I help you. She reply’s my brother wants to take Martial Arts. I think in my head yea right you are dressed like this and ask me this question. I respond I would be glad to teach your brother. But I haven’t ate all day would like to go have a salad to discuss this. She responds I can’t I have a boyfriend. (Gilbert Soto). I say I am only asking you to have a salad. I don’t want to eat alone would you join me. She agrees. She say’s she has to run home real quick and she will be back. She went home to take her phone off the hook she later told me.

Patty comes back and picks me up in front of my Dojo. We go to Tony’s on the Redondo Beach Pier. When we get there the kitchen just closed. So i said lets go up stairs and have some wine. We go up stairs at Tony’s and order wine. She then starts telling me how she had a crush on me since she was in the 9th grade. She said she would get her boyfriends school annual and stare at my Graduation Picture. And say to herself that someday she is going to marry me.


I said no way, really. She then starts saying she has traveled the world and has seen everything that needs to be seen and dated who she ever wanted to date. She then says to me why don’t we forget everything and go get married. She proposed to me the first night I met her.

I take her to my pad that night and we spend the night together. The next morning she wakes and puts my T-Shirt on and walks out on my Balcony. I join her at that time my room mate Rick pulls up in the drive way and looks up and sees us. He smiles and shakes his head and realizes I was telling the truth that Patty did rooster neck me. LOL

She breaks up with her boyfriend and we move into a different Apt at 4031 Miraleste Dr. R.P.V Ca. We live with each other for a year then we get married for 5 years.

We were married  when she did Purple Rain. My manager Anthony Mora sent her on the Purple Rain and Last Dragon interview. When she came home she asked which one should she do? Purple Rain or Last Dragon. I said do Purple Rain. I agreed to keep our marriage secret when the Movie came out. I went to the premier though with my best friend George Salas.



more to come