More lies by UFC supporting Bonehead Bonillas Bill 1186. In support of CSAC to regulate a light contact Martial Art. This say’s Zuffa bought one of the first events to California in 2006. LOL, MMA was going on here way before that. Also MMA was approved here in 2000. Then he say’s unscrupulous  promoters of youth pankration elude regulation. This Bonehead Bill is unscrupulous. UFC is unscrupulous evading the Ali Act for MMA.  Letter say’s any questions contact Platinum Advisors Tim Lynch there lobbyist. This is the same Lobbyist for CSAC  commissioner John Carvelli  who is on the Pankration Sub Committee enforcing this illegal bill. Huge conflict if interest going on here.


UFC’s Kirk Hendrik at hearing.

Proof the $100.000.00 stolen was possibly used to pay off Senators Yee, Bonilla, Price,Jones,Lieu,‏

Given the politicized nature of the dental industry in California, John Carvelli has had plenty of experience lobbying politicians on both sides of the aisle. Guess which lobbying firm Liberty Dental uses? Platinum Advisors LLC, the same firm that has both UFC & Station Casinos as clients.

Liberty Dental & Platinum Advisor lobbyist disclosure forms show that Carvelli’s company has spent nearly $400,000 in the last few years with Platinum to lobby the state Legislature over a variety of different bills & budgets.

Discovery motions will name informants, witnesses in alleged extortion of California State Athletic Commission


john carvelli

Why did the UFC lobby the California legislature over cheerleaders?