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    • Free Pankration from Corrupt regulation by CSAC/CAMO/USFL
      According to written law if you don't strike the head it is light contact. img008 So why if I strike the head in California and win by Knockout it is light contact.  No regulation is needed. But if I don't strike the head in California it is Full Contact and needs illegal and corrupt regulation by CSAC/CAMO/USFL
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    • Politically Protected John Frierson
      How was John Frierson allowed to be on CSAC since 2001. Over 15 years and by law only allowed 4 years. Frierson said at one CSAC meeting that he only got on CSAC to get a Black Man as a inspector and that was Larry Irvin who required to know who the winners and losers were at early MMA fights. Everyone understands the seriousness of the debt crisis in California and the position that the California Democratic Party is in. Because California is a one-party political state, a lot of power is consolidated in certain geographic areas – most of it in the big cities west of I-5. John Frierson happens to be a very old-school player in California Democratic Party circles. Frierson has been a member of the CSAC since 2001. To understand how uncommon the length of Frierson’s tenure on the Commission is, you have to look at the rules for membership appointment. You can be appointed to the CSAC via one of three avenues – 1) by the Governor, 2) by the Assembly Speaker, or 3) by the Senate Rules Committee.
      • The Governor can give an appointee a length of anywhere from 2 to 4 years.
      • The Senate can give an appointee a length of 4 years.
      • The Assembly Speaker can give an appointee a length of 4 years.
      The reason we point this out for your consideration is because in order for Chairman Frierson to be kept on the CSAC board for as long as he has been, he must be someone of substantial political value. Given his 40+ year political relationship with Governor Jerry Brown, it’s easy to see why John Frierson will remain Chairman of the CSAC for years to come. Although his term expires on January 1st, 2015, the safe bet is that Chairman Frierson will stick around as long as he is in good health. john frierson001 Frierson Termed Out001 Notice the brother in-law Gordon Sauter was on this CSAC commission in 2003 that held back MMA for the UFC to get full control in 2006 even thought the sport was approved in 2000 and went through the OAL for approval. He now is appointed again by Brother in Law Governor Jerry Brown.

      California State Athletic Commission investigation: How did (then) 80 year old scandal-plagued politician John Frierson get an important job promotion?

      Investigation: The future of combat sports in California    
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