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April 2016 CSAC meeting Andy Foster admitting money missing from Neurological fund 2013.

April 2016 CSAC meeting Andy Foster admitting money missing from Neurological fund 2013. This meeting was a classic CSAC meeting watch everyone side stepping the missing neurological funds especially the appointed commissioners. Now all of a sudden after my discovery of the missing neurological funds a sudden increase in money is allowed for neurological testings and they all of a sudden want to pay boxers there pension money. There is money for proper neurological testings but they want to use this C3 logix program. If a fighter is found brain dead day of fight he can still fight because the CSAC does not want to include it in licensing requirement, it might ruin the event and they can’t get paid by promotion. What good is a scan if it is not enforced to protect the health and safety of all fighters. Another wasteful spending by CSAC. Watch Mary Lemons get excited about the extra money she says spend it right away. The best is how Amateur and Pro Women fighters are treated. In Amateur MMA there are no scans even if your knocked out like in this video shown below. No pension given for selling more tickets than Pro Boxers.
Amateur Women Fighters are being used and abused in California by DCA/CSAC/CAMO. Unlike Pro Boxers who receive a Pensions and proper neurological testings these women fight on same cards as Pro fighters but don’t get a pension or proper neurological test. They bring in more fans sell more tickets but all taxes taken from there ticket sells go to only Boxers pension fund and neurological fund which the CSAC steals money from and doesn’t use for proper testings.Used and abused in California.They also are allowed to fight pregnant if they so chose. The CSAC will only supply a pregnant testing kit inside women’s locker room.
Another thing is if a women fighter is pregnant in California she can still fight.
So let’s say she gets mad at her boyfriend and wants to get rid of her bastard child she can murder him legally without paying for an abortion. She could just piss the blood and fetus remains out after the fight.
Watch video of Amateur MMA women getting knocked out.

Four of the best amateur MMA Knockouts


More State scams. Listen to video on delegation authority. Why is USA Boxing, CAMO, USFL, required to be a Non Profit Organization while IKF is not required to be for Kick Boxing. IKF is a for profit organization. IKF refused to go non-profit in the past for Amateur MMA. Proof here. So why are they allowed to regulate Kick Boxing.

“It’s California’s written law, and it’s set in stone.” Says ISCF President Steve Fossum, “As much as we would like to have been selected for the position, we just have no desire to be a non-profit organization. We were asked to attend last weeks meeting by CSAC Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas. He said the issue of the ISCF not being non-profit would not be an issue.

However, we were clearly misinformed because Mario Rodriguez made it clear that the selected organization must be a “non-profit” organization. Once we realized this, the question was, ‘Who do we side with?’ Yes, there were issues related to experience with CAMO, and possibly the right choice may have been no choice. However, amateur MMA in California needs to move forward.

So confusing that now ISCF/IKF has full delegation over kick boxing  and is not a non-profit organization. But when they gave CAMO delegation you had to be a non profit. Also USFL had to be a non-profit along with USA Boxing. So what is it? CSAC known for making up there own laws and picking  which ones they want to enforce. WOW TOTALLY CONFUSED ON THIS ONE

Steve Fossum is a great organizer and promoter etc. Nothing against this guy. Just want to know why he can be a for profit if everyone else is a non-profit. Need answers. Much props to Mr. Steve Fossum. Been here as long as I have.

DCA/CSAC Attorney Gary Duke confirmed to me 5-21-2016 that IKF is a for profit. Said the new law states you can be a sanctioning body don’t need to be a non-profit. So I said then why did you force USFL to be a non-profit they were a sanctioning body for light contact pankration. He said not what I have been told. He then said that now Steve Fossum of IKF has applied to be a non-profit. I said why you don’t need to be a non-profit. You just said that you don’t need to be a non-profit. He said for political reasons. All of a sudden he is switching to a non-profit for kick boxing only, when the new law says you don’t have to. That is strange. He wouldn’t do it for Amateur MMA now he is willing for only kick boxing. So confusing in California.

Did Andy “ISCF” Foster allow this because of ties between Steve Fossum and him in the past. Proof Below:

andy foster 5\

Andy ISCF Foster

andy foster ISCF001

Why is only CAMO suppose to keep a reserve account of $40,000.00.

Why are they the only one using the weight test calipers. Not USA Boxing, Not IKF, Not USFL, why is selective enforcement being applied to CAMO.

This would have never been discovered or exposed if it wasn’t for the Bonehead Bonilla Bill AB 1186. claiming no head striking Pankration Full Contact and selective enforcing it while attaching it to SB 309 Bill. This bonehead bill is a huge violation of civil rights for kids and adults to compete equally in the State of California.
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Email proof of California State Athletic Commission stealing money.

Waklee.UFC Email 1Waklee.UFC Email 2

This proof took me some time to get. I requested a public records request to get it. They kept blowing me off not until my Senator Isadore Hall requested it for me I finally received the proof of $100,000,00 missing from neurological funds.


Sen. Yee faces racketeering charge in new indictment


With a scale of political corruption “so over-the-top,” federal authorities were probably glad to close the case before going to trial, he added. “It’s a guilty plea. There’s a finality to that.”



democrat 1


democrat 5


democrat 2




California Governor Jerry Brown speaks in front of a California flag in Long Beach, California March 14, 2012. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS TRANSPORT)



jerry hill

A legislative push to extend the California State Athletic Commission into 2020







Former state Sen. Leland Yee pleads guilty to corruption charge

Three of Yee’s co-defendants also pleaded guilty to felony counts of racketeering on Wednesday: Keith Jackson; his son, Brandon Jackson; and sports agent Marlon Sullivan, an associate of the Jacksons.

Yee also admitted to conspiring to extort several individuals who, at the time, had an interest in pending legislation extending the state athletic commission and changing the workers’ compensation program for professional athletes.


The Feds may really get their show trial regarding allegations of extortion of California athletic commission

One of the allegations levied against Yee is based around claims of supposed extortion of individuals who wanted to keep the California State Athletic Commission alive in March of 2013. It was around this time period in which there was a sunset bill in the California Legislature to extend the life of the athletic commission for two years. Andy Foster had just gotten the job as Executive Officer in November of 2012. The Feds claim Yee extracted money and political support from multiple individuals in order to get his support to back the sunset bill.

This would have never been discovered or exposed if it wasn’t for the Bonehead Bonilla Bill AB 1186. claiming no head striking Pankration Full Contact and selective enforcing it while attaching it to SB 309 Bill. This bonehead bill is a huge violation of civil rights for kids and adults to compete equally in the State of California.
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Money missing from neurological fund

April 7, 2013 meeting one month earlier in March $100,000.00 all of a sudden goes missing from neurological fund. This is just plain BS they don’t use any money to test fighters safety. See posted e-mail

As stated in the Bureau of State Audit Report (BSA) 2012-117:
“The commission has also failed to adequately administer its Neurological Examination Account (neurological account), which the Legislature established in 1986 to pay for  neurological examinations that might detect physical conditions that could place athletes at risk for serious or permanent injury. Although the fund balance in the neurological account reached $712,000 as of June 30, 2012, the commission has not used the account to pay for examinations since at least 1998, stating that it could not do so because of the excessive cost of the examinations. Instead, it has used the neurological account only to pay for state operations, such as a portion of the salary and benefits of the staff person who is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the neurological assessment calculation. The commission is considering requesting legislation that would change its responsibilities related to paying for these examinations. However, until the Legislature makes such a change, the commission is failing to use the funds to fulfill the intent of the law.”
Go to link below and read please so we can finally get rid of this corrupt commission.
If this CSAC/DCA/Governor appointed commission obeyed the law and enforced it instead of buying chamagne and steak for lunch maybe Draka kickboxer Redone would be alive today. I got tape recording of interview the CSAC new about his knockout prior. But the Russian Mob wanted that fight and brought a suitcase of cash to CSAC to allow the Draka fight happen. They should of scanned him before event according to the law. But they refused because they wanted to pay employees to run this corrupt organization. Tape will be supplied upon request. Admissable to court.
Redone died because of greed in 1998 because they would not brain scan because of cost.. They took in money for it. Pay for safety or pay a employee to have steak and dinner.
1998 the year they won’t do brain scans a fighter dies
Jan. 6, 1998 7:17 PM ET
LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A kickboxer hit with several punches to the head during a martial arts bout over the weekend has died, the executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission said Tuesday.
Redone Bougara, 23, a native of France who lived in Culver City, Calif., died of brain injuries at Daniel Freeman Hospital in Inglewood, Michael Wells said by telephone from his office in Sacramento. The bout was held Saturday at the Forum in Inglewood.
“He died yesterday, we were advised by the hospital today,” Wells said. “We will be seeking to get the medical records and have our staff take a look at them


JOHN NADEL, Associated Press

Jan. 6, 1998 7:17 PM ET

Kickboxer Dies of Brain Injuries

Associated Press historical news archive articles dating back to 1985
This would have never been discovered or exposed if it wasn’t for the Bonehead Bonilla Bill AB 1186. claiming no head striking Pankration Full Contact and selective enforcing it while attaching it to SB 309 Bill. This bonehead bill is a huge violation of civil rights for kids and adults to compete equally in the State of California.
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Proof the $100.000.00 stolen was possibly used to pay off Senators Yee, Bonilla, Price,Jones,Lieu,‏

All of a sudden Leland Yee changes mind about sun setting corrupt csac. Did Andy Foster use the missing $100,000.00 from neurological fund to change his vote and to save his job. Listen to video how much Leland Yee is on Andy Fosters Jock.Watch video Kirk Hendrix from UFC there also in on it to save CSAC so they won’t enforce the Ali act to protect all professional fighters equally. Watch Video concerning SB 309 and the attached AB 1186 bill. LMAO

Why is John Frierson still on Commission he has been on for over 15 years. Only suppose to do 4 years. Is this why he is politically protected. Are the CSAC neurological/Boxers pension funds used mainly as political payout funds. Was the $350,000.00 found in ex CSAC Armando Garcia unlocked drawer also political payout money stolen.

In September 2007, Cage Potato ran a two part investigative series concerning Garcia’s alleged violation of Chapter 18, Article 6308 of the Professional Boxing Act of 1996. The series made the case that Garcia accepted compensation, accommodations, travel, and meals for training seminars of sanctioning bodies and state commissions to violate this federal law…Former staffers have said that it was common practice for Armando to accept gifts and lunches…

Earlier that year, in another two part series we examined Garcia’s personal ethics in collecting travel claim advances and irresponsible handling of state funds, placing as much as $350,000 without accounting in an unlocked file cabinet. If a party was to make a withdrawal, how would you know? Further, we looked at wasteful policies that permitted his very own group of inspectors, the so-called “Men in Black,” to work one or two bouts and claim a full night’s pay as well as travel expenses when appropriate…

Was Susan Bonnilla, Brian Jones,Curren Price, Ted Lieu paid off by UFC and CSAC to draft the bills SB309 and AB1186 to save them from being terminated.

Note: The week of March 2, 2013 the $100,000.00 goes missing from CSAC is the week Leland Yee’s people call office. Notice in video how all of a sudden Leland Yee is all over Andy Fosters jock. ($$$$$$$LOVE)
Andy Foster’s appearance at the April 29th, 2013 meeting was brief.
In the superseding Federal indictment, the court document alleges that Leland Yee talked with someone regarding SB309 on March 2nd, 2013 and that he “did a number” on that person, which allegedly led to Yee’s fundraiser Keith Jackson supposedly soliciting Individual A for lobbying cash in exchange for a Yee “yes” vote. A few days after that initial contact, the indictment claims that an Individual B arrived with A and was allegedly being solicited for donations to Yee’s campaign and to bring in others who would also supposedly contribute money to Yee.
Any sort of payment made directly to Keith Jackson Consultancy for lobbying would not be publicly disclosed unlike direct campaign contributions made to Leland Yee.
Questions: Is Andy Foster either Individual A or Individual B?
  • If Andy Foster is either Individual A or B, who was the other person involved in the alleged discussions?
  • Is one of the Individuals connected to Governor Jerry Brown’s office?
  • Is one of the Individuals connected to the Department of Consumer Affairs?
The indictment alleges that Individual B was solicited for not only a campaign contribution but also fight promoter contacts who theoretically could have contributed money as well. Individual B was allegedly asked to reach out to someone with sway in California Democratic Party circles who could have helped out Yee’s Secretary of State 2014 campaign.
According to the Secretary of State’s web site, campaign contribution records show that Andy Foster did not contribute any money to Leland Yee’s Secretary of State campaign. However, CSAC Chairman John Frierson did contribute to Yee’s Secretary of State campaign.
Did CSAC pay Jerry Hill with Political Payout Money to extend the CSAC.
Where is the Money?

Given two recent lawsuit settlements and impossible-to-make monthly projections for revenues that are hit-or-miss, asserting a claim of $1 million dollars in the Athletic Commission bank account at the end of the Fiscal Year in two months seems…ambitious.

UFC’s lobbying firm in California is the Sacramento-based Platinum Advisors LLC. Tim Lynch from PA is UFC’s top conduit at the capitol. John Carvelli, the Chairman of theCalifornia State Athletic Commission, uses Platinum Advisors LLC for lobbying efforts on behalf of his Liberty Dental Inc. company.


john carvelli

Discovery motions will name informants, witnesses in alleged extortion of California State Athletic Commission

Given the significant amount of cash that UFC & Platinum spent lobbying to get SB309 passed and to support Andy Foster politically, some serious questions need to be asked.

Questions: Why was UFC so heavily invested in Andy Foster politically?

  • Why was UFC so heavily invested in keeping the Athletic Commission alive rather than allowing Consumer Affairs to sunset the commission and take regulatory activity in-house?

At the April 29th, 2013 state senate hearing, both UFC & Leland Yee expressed the importance of keeping Andy Foster as the Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission. Yee noted that the Governor’s Office was invested in Andy Foster as well. Leland Yee & Kirk Hendrick both focused their attention on attracting big fights to California.

Questions: Did Leland Yee talk with UFC officials at that April 20th, 2013 San Jose Arena event? If so, what was exactly discussed?

  • What exactly changed Yee’s mind about Andy Foster after watching that event?
  • Were the Feds wiretapping Yee’s communications to and from that UFC event?
  • Did Leland Yee or Keith Jackson talk with Tim Lynch/Platinum Advisors LLC or UFC employees during the time that SB309 was ping-ponging back and forth between the state Senate & Assembly (April of 2013 ~ September of 2013)?
  • If so, what was said in those conversations?

California State Athletic Commission Vice Chairman John Carvelli (image credit: Liberty Dental web site)

Approximately one week after SB309 was sent to Appropriations by Yee & other senators at the April 29th, 2013 meeting in Sacramento, Governor Jerry Brown’s office appointed dental HMO businessman John Carvelli to the Athletic Commission board. His company is called Liberty Dental. He is an associate for the Government Reglations Group consulting firm and deals with Medi-Cal consulting.

Screen shot of some of the various clients Platinum Advisors LLC has

Given the politicized nature of the dental industry in California, John Carvelli has had plenty of experience lobbying politicians on both sides of the aisle. Guess which lobbying firm Liberty Dental uses? Platinum Advisors LLC, the same firm that has both UFC & Station Casinos as clients.

Liberty Dental & Platinum Advisor lobbyist disclosure forms show that Carvelli’s company has spent nearly $400,000 in the last few years with Platinum to lobby the state Legislature over a variety of different bills & budgets.

Carvelli and Platinum Advisors have spent an extensive amount of time lobbying Governor Jerry Brown’s office on budgetary matters. Given the major budgetary challenges facing the California State Athletic Commission, you can see why Governor Jerry Brownthought that John Carvelli would be a logical choice as an appointment. Carvelli knows how Sacramento operates and has demonstrated his willingness to spend the cash to lobby politicians.

Carvelli’s big focus so far at the Athletic Commission has been attracting big fights to the state. His words often sound like they come from the same playbook both Leland Yee & Kirk Hendrick used at the April 29th, 2013 state senate meeting. Carvelli has repeatedly mentioned the idea of utilizing GO Biz (Governor Jerry Brown’s Office of Business & Economic Development) to increase business incentives in order to attract big arena events to California.

Questions: Given how much money John Carvelli has spent with Platinum Advisors LLC on lobbying and contributions to various political campaigns, has he ever met or talked with Leland Yee or Keith Jackson?

  • How many times have Carvelli & Yee talked in the past?
  • Would John Carvelli or Tim Lynch be comfortable enough picking up the phone and talking to Yee or Jackson about lobbying affairs in Sacramento?

When John Carvelli was appointed to the Athletic Commission in May of 2013, SB309 had not been passed by the Legislature. Eventually, SB309 was signed by the Governor in mid-September of 2013. There was a four month window between the time Carvelli was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to CSAC to when the Governor signed SB309 to extend the life of the Athletic Commission for two years. Carvelli would obviously have a great interest in keeping the Athletic Commission alive since he had just been appointed.

Questions: If Andy Foster was approached by Leland Yee or Keith Jackson for solicitations of cash & connections in exchange for a vote on SB309, would he contact Tim Lynch or John Carvelli and give them a heads up? If so, what would their response have been?

In the short time that Carvelli has been on the Athletic Commission board, he created his own subcommittee on attracting large events and also found himself entangled in a “litigation sub committee” with Martha Shen-Urquidez. In addition, recent meeting minutes published on the Athletic Commission web site demonstrate Carvelli’s advice & influence regarding Athletic Commission budgetary matters. In the latest Fiscal Year, the Athletic Commission (on paper) broke even on revenues & expenditures.

The future of Andy Foster and the California State Athletic Commission

When the appointments of Chairman John Frierson, Dr. VanBuren Ross Lemons, andDr. Christopher Giza expire at the end of 2014, John Carvelli will be in the pole position to take over as Chairman of the CSAC board. There will be four seats open for new appointments.

Question: Given the Federal indictment alleging extortion of individuals trying to keep the Athletic Commission alive, will Governor Jerry Brown’s office double-down and stack the Athletic Commission board with fresh appointees?

  • Or will Consumer Affairs attempt to shut the Athletic Commission down in order to temporarily move regulatory matters in-house with no public transparency?

The next Athletic Commission meeting is on Monday, August 11th in Los Angeles. It is highly unlikely that we will see any public comment in regards to the Federal indictment against Leland Yee & Shrimp Boy.



California State Athletic Commission Liars & Thieves

I may have figured out where the money went from neurological fund at CSAC. It’s possibly a political payout fund. The week it went missing Senator Leland Yee called the CSAC office. All of a sudden $100,000.00 goes missing and the senator saves them from getting canned. Go figure. If anything happens to me it’s the CSAC.

In 2012 there was $712,000.00 in Neurological Fund. So where is all the money that was taken in from then till 2015 budget report. This is it.

This would have never been discovered or exposed if it wasn’t for the Bonehead Bonilla Bill AB 1186. claiming no head striking Pankration Full Contact and selective enforcing it while attaching it to SB 309 Bill. This bonehead bill is a huge violation of civil rights for kids and adults to compete equally in the State of California.
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Why doesn’t our Attorney General Kamala Harris Investigate this corrupt CSAC. Notice it was 2013 when all this corruption was going on.  AB 1186 and SB 309 should have never been approved.
A G Kamala001A G Kamala002
AG won’t investigate Deputy Attorney Generals committing fraud to regulate Pankration. Here they tried to regulate Jiu Jitsu but I caught this Fraud. Our California AG’s are corrupt and out of control.
injunction 1injunction2
injunction 3
Look how the corrupt AG changed the Business and Professions Code to try and regulate Jiu Jitsu. Now they lie in AB 1186 saying light contact pankration needs regulated.

Goossen-Tutor issued a press release on the matter, highlighting the fact that a judge said that Plowman & Chappelle’s actions “was procured by corruption, fraud or other undue means.”

Here were more written lies about Jiu Jitsu so they could illegally regulate the same way they did with Pankration lies about being full contact.






More lies from Armando “UFC” Garcia notice he tells me that Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling is full contact. This is the same thing I am getting from Andy Foster about light contact pankration. But Andy Foster won’t put it in writing. Still waiting for that from him.



They commit lies and fraud for C$AC Money!

Still waiting for my request to be on CSAC agenda in June to discuss where is the Full Contact in Pankration that it needs illegal selective enforcement regulation by CSAC/CAMO/USFL.
Is it the striking?
Is it the submission?
Is it the no head striking?
Right here in the laws no head striking is considered light contact!
Pankration does not strike the head.