CSAC Allegedly Extorting Money from MMA fighters to pay into Boxers Pension Fund and Neurological Fund

Cinco de Mayo extortion. Underground fight.  Today the CSAC/CAMO is holding a underground fight where no public tickets are sold. The Amateur fighters fighting on fight card are being used and abused they are selling more tickets than the Pro Boxers.  The CSAC will be taxing for Pro Boxers Pension and Neurological Fund from the Amateur MMA fighters but only the Pro Boxers will benefit.  No money will go for the Amateur MMA fighters. They receive no pension or brain scan. They strike the head just as hard as pro fighters. They are being sacrificed by CSAC/CAMO to keep boxing alive. This is a violation of equal rights. Imagine if your Mexican and work for a White Company. You have money taken out from your paycheck for a Pension and Medical for years but when you retire only the white workers get a huge payout you are screwed. This is what the State of California is allowing to go on today in Orange County.



The administrative complaint was filed against Englebrecht on May 3rd, giving him 20 days to respond before the meeting on May 25th. Nevada wants action taken against Englebrecht’s promoter license along with investigative costs & attorney’s fees.

The major question after May 25th is whether or not the California State Athletic Commission, which is Roy’s home turf, will enforce Nevada’s license suspension. There’s a lot of money at stake and California is legally not obligated to follow the suspension of a boxing promoter in another state. If California chooses to ignore Nevada’s suspension, it will spark political tension between the two states.

Nevada AG officially files legal complaint on Roy Englebrecht for perjury, forgery, ID theft



Wild Nevada punishment hearing of Roy Englebrecht reveals Zab Judah Foundation, multiple SSNs used



California rejects enforcing Nevada’s suspension of fight promoter Roy Englebrecht


To be able to fight pro MMA for a Pro Boxing/Pro MMA event the MMA fighters are told they must sell a certain amount of tickets to be able to fight on the card. Money is taken for a Pro Boxers Pension and for a neurological fund that is never used. Also at Pro MMA only events money is taken for neurological fund and never used.

One trainer quote! As we all know these fighters need to sell a minimum amount of tickets to be on the card. Let me know if you can come out and support some young talent !!!! Ill Have tickets at the gym all week !!! Tickets are $50 each. Hit me up for group discounts….

Sign the petition for equal rights for all California Fighters:
Pro/Amateur MMA Fighters, Kick Boxers are being used and abused in California. A fighter is a fighter. All fighters should receive the same rights for all styles of fighting.


Did UFC contribute huge to Bonehead Bonilla to push this bill through legislature to control the kids of Pankration also.

democrat 1


Notice the name of UFC lobbyist. It is Tim Lynch of Platinum. Same Lobbyist of CSAC Commissioner and Pankration Subcommittee John Carvelli. Are the dots connecting now.

john carvelli

Given the politicized nature of the dental industry in California, John Carvelli has had plenty of experience lobbying politicians on both sides of the aisle. Guess which lobbying firm Liberty Dental uses?Platinum Advisors LLC, the same firm that has both UFC & Station Casinos as clients.

Liberty Dental & Platinum Advisor lobbyist disclosure forms show that Carvelli’s company has spent nearly $400,000 in the last few years with Platinum to lobby the state Legislature over a variety of different bills & budgets.

Discovery motions will name informants, witnesses in alleged extortion of California State Athletic Commission


AB-1186 State Athletic Commission.(2013-2014)


The strange thing there was a Republican Co Sponsor also behind AB 1186 Senator Brian Jones.

democrat 5



democrat 2

This would have never been discovered or exposed if it wasn’t for the Bonehead Bonilla Bill AB 1186. claiming no head striking Pankration Full Contact and selective enforcing it while attaching it to SB 309 Bill. This bonehead bill is a huge violation of civil rights for kids and adults to compete equally in the State of California.

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